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July 5, 2016

Bitdefender vs. F-Secure

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A computer should have a security program installed – the one that meets the exact requirements of a user. There isn’t any need for exaggeration; even though many newbie computer users end up getting a higher priced antivirus program for their computer whereas they could have just grabbed a free tool or at least a lower priced edition. Bitdefender and F-Secure both are well reputed companies for developing antivirus programs. Both these companies have security products in different ranges, but we have reviewed the Internet Security versions of both Bitdefender and F-Secure antivirus.

bitdefender vs f secure


Bitdefender Internet Security offers licensing options for 1 and more devices. The 1 PC license for a year would cost $59.95 per year, to be paid once in full during the purchase of the program. However, for 3 device usage the license cost goes as high as $79.95 per year. There are additional options for 5 and 10 device licenses as well; and even enterprise license if necessary.

On the other hand, the F-Secure Internet Security antivirus program costs $39.99 per year; the number of devices hasn’t been specifically restricted like Bitdefender antivirus. Comparing to the pricing of Bitdefender, it’s certainly much lower and reasonable.

Both the companies offer free trial so that the potential users can take a look on the next probable antivirus program they would use. However, Bitdefender Internet Security offers money refund guarantee whereas there’s no such option on F-Secure Internet Security purchase.

Basic Features

F-Secure Internet Security comes with a basic Antivirus module that looks pretty simple, but works really great. F-Secure hasn’t really cramped the interface with buttons and options and scared their users away, rather the simplicity has been introduced as the key to better and more efficient operation interface on a PC.

Apart from the antivirus, the other modules are anti-spam filter for getting rid of annoying spam emails in your inboxes. The anti-adware/spyware module would keep annoying pop up ad programs away from your system and decrease the annoyance on the user’s end. Automatic update of virus definitions keep the program free from latest threats and real time protection ensures that everything is going right.

Bitdefender Internet Security has pretty much the same range of features, with some additions to the list. Anti-phishing and remote security are two of the most useful extra features. Using remote security, an expert user in a distant place could provide support for another user.

Privacy Features

Apart from basic PC security features, both these antivirus programs come with additional tools. The number is quite high on Bitdefender Internet Security – ID theft protection, parental controls, personal data filter, Bitdefender Safepay and Wallet etc. On the other hand, F-Secure offers ID and data protection which is still fine in comparison to its price. Both anti-malware programs offer the ability to block specific websites and contents; works as a great parental lock.


For the price, F-Secure antivirus offers exactly what it is supposed to do. On the other hand, Bitdefender offers quite a lot of features useful for small businesses or even home users.

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April 14, 2016

Windows Defender: Basic Antivirus Protection for Windows 10

Written by Steven
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Microsoft has equipped a built in antivirus program with Windows 10, like Windows 8; that goes by the name Windows Defender. A lot of people is using it so far without any issues, and Windows Defender has reported to carefully replace a third party basic antivirus and be very good at it. Not that free third party antivirus programs aren’t good, but many people just don’t want to go through the hassle of an external program. Also, if you are running Windows 10 on a device which doesn’t support external antivirus programs, Windows Defender is the last resort once has to turn to.

windows defender for windows 10

Microsoft Security Essentials from Windows 7 and earlier versions has been evolved into Windows Defender from Windows 8 and onwards. They used to come as a Windows add-on in earlier days, now a built in tool which comes with every Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 installations. If you have any experience on the Microsoft Security Essentials, you probably already know how to use Windows Defender.

Windows Defender: Get to know the Basic Features

Like any other third party antivirus program, Windows Defender offers the most basic of services. Features that usually come with the free version of any antivirus company, are offered through Windows Defender.

Real Time Protection

Windows Defender provides real time protection, pretty much like any anti-malware program available in the industry. Once you install Windows OS in your computer, if you don’t disable Windows Defender or install a third party anti-malware program, Windows Defender’s real time automatic protection will take over and keep providing antivirus protection in the background.


Defender is updated through regular Windows Updates. It is mandatory that a computer user keeps the Windows Update feature on if they use Windows Defender as the main security software on their computer.

Toggling Options On & Off

To toggle real time protection, cloud based protection and sample submission on or off, user needs to toggle the switches with these titles inside Windows Defender settings in Update & Security inside Settings. Real time protection should always remain turned on, if a third party program is not being used. The other two options are more or less user dependent, turning them off might not be fatal.


If you want to add an exclusion for a program from Windows Defender, scroll down the previous window we were talking about and find Add an Exclusion. The menu inside is divided into Files, Folders and File Types, user could exclude any specific type they prefer.

Manual Scanning of Files

Inside Windows Defender interface, there are three radio button options in the top right corner – Quick, Full and Custom; with a ‘Scan Now’ button followed by. Using these options, a user can run any type of manual scan they want to inititate.


As it appears, Windows Defender offers every feature that a third party free antivirus program does. Investment on a third party antivirus might not be all necessary on Windows 10.

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February 4, 2016

Does Bitdefender Antivirus Free Really work?

Written by Steven
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Free antivirus programs are easy to get, they work fine and above all – they don’t cost any money. There are varieties among these security programs, just like the paid anti-malware programs vary from each other in terms of levels of security and numbers of features. Home users often dig the cheapest option for computer security against malicious programs and free antivirus software is holds the top priority in their list. Business users are essentially more concerned about the safety of their money and confidential data thus they don’t really compromise on the security, but that’s not the case with a stay home mom’s computer. However, Bitdefender has stayed in the top 3 antivirus list for quite a long time now. Judging from the paid software, how good is the Bitdefender free antivirus program and does it really work?

That’s what we intend to find.

Some notes on Free Antivirus

Free antivirus programs are more like something better than nothing. They indeed do offer several levels of security and trust, which is far better than operating your computer out in the wild with no protective measure installed. I prefer to use premium antivirus programs always. You may never heard but there is a Bitdefender coupon code which give 70% discount for new users. You can try that instead of using free version. Do they work? Yes indeed they do. But do you get everything you want? No you don’t.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free – What you get and what you don’t

  • No Customer Support

If something goes wrong during the installation of Bitdefender Antivirus free, you wouldn’t have a support guy waiting for your call in Bitdefender HQ. You could call up a computer geek, a friend, your boyfriend or maybe just the guy next door who knows more than you about computers – but not a verified technical support from Bitdefender. I have seen many people asking for how to install Bitdefender 2016 offline with offline installers but no official support at all.

For advanced computer users, this won’t even be an issue. Installing an antivirus software is one of the easiest tasks in the world and nothing can go haywire to an extreme extent. For noobs though, the world can turn upside down just in a matter of minutes. So that’s what you lose – customer support, if you download Bitdefender Antivirus free edition.

  • Malware Detection Pattern

You get the same antimalware protection as Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, because the basic antivirus engine is essentially the same. Some modules would be missing in the free edition of course, as well as the freedom to manually scan a folder or a drive. But with automated protection enabled on Bitdefender Antivirus Free, there is no reason to worry about a malware attack taking place. Despite being free, Bitdefender will take care of it well.

  • No Protection against other malwares

Viruses aren’t the only malwares that exist in today’s cyber world, there are more creepy threats like Trojan horse, rootkits, ransomare etc. Protection against such threats is equally important of course, which you don’t get on Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition. For experienced users though, none of these tools would be required on a home computer.


Bitdefender Antivirus free edition work just like the antivirus module on other Bitdefender suites do because it’s essentially the same module. However, if other malware protections are needed as well, then the free Bitdefender antivirus can’t provide them all.

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January 6, 2016

What is the Difference between Antivirus and Internet Security?

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Since a lot of people today are having serious problems about the security of their computer devices, and numerous software making firms worldwide are completely aware of this particular dilemma. If fact, its feel them obliged to make some solutions for this issue. This is actually the main reason why a number of antivirus programs and internet security softwares are being developed.

antivirus vs internet security

Today, there are lots of these digital security solution products can be found on the web under different brands, of course. Since they are developed by varied makers, then it is just right to say that they also differ in a lot of ways such as in efficiency, reliability, and features. One biggest misconception of many people when talking about digital security solution is that antivirus software and the internet security programs are just the same. They are not, of course. They are completely different digital security products. But before going over the differences of these two, tackling about their similarities first is great.

How and When Antivirus and Internet Security Become Similar?

When it comes to functionality, a reliable antivirus program and an internet security software developed by reputable companies are usually fast in performing their main tasks. There is no question about that since renowned companies are completely aware of the fact that computer users do not want the idea of waiting for a long period of time before they can use their PC’s, because the softwares are still scanning and cleaning the system. In selecting an antivirus or internet security however, you have to take into account the operating system (OS) used by your computer. It is because some of the excellent softwares may not be compatible to a certain OS, so be mindful. Removing as well as blocking spyware and viruses are also two of the same jobs that antivirus and the internet security softwares perform. In case you need to attach a portable storage device into your computer like USB, these softwares will never fail to check the device if it contains some threats or not. In case it has some threats that may compromise the great functionality of your computer, they will remove these threats first before allowing the devices to access into your computer system. This is how antivirus programs and internet security softwares become similar to each other.

How Exactly Antivirus Differs to Internet Security?

Now that you already know the similarities of antivirus programs and internet security softwares, it is time to get well-acquainted with their differences. One major difference of these two digital security products lies on the features they are packed with. Antivirus programs are usually contained just the basic features, while the internet security softwares come with the basic and the more advanced features. In other words, the internet security can be used in a way more complicated digital security issue. This one comes with a file shredder, a 2-way firewall, cloud anti-spam, and a parental control feature. Through the parental control feature, you can have the chance to know what your children do when they got online. In fact, you can even block the inappropriate websites that they used to visit through this feature. Most of the antivirus programs simply don’t have these amazing, advanced features.

This goes to show that antivirus and the internet security are both useful in maintaining the great condition of your computer devices as well as their systems. Hence, having them would be great.

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November 7, 2015

2016’s 3 Best Antivirus Software

Written by Steven
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With a new year, comes some new essential software upgrades. A security software falls in that group, the time of the year when every computer user should renew their previous security software license paying a little amount of money, or for free in many cases. Also, with the Inauguration of new Microsoft operating system, the Windows 10 – security has become an increasing concern. Windows Defender in Windows 10 is indeed very powerful, but as the operating system is still settling itself down, users of Windows 10 should opt for third party antivirus programs.

Security software these days aren’t very costly, they’re very much within the affordability range. Do you really need an antivirus even in 2016? Well, probably you do.

Why should you still use an antivirus even in 2016?

Because malicious software programmers haven’t been sitting all year. The security on any computer system has been strengthened, also the breaching capabilities of hackers are now creepier than ever. Awareness alone can prevent any malware attacks from happening, but a security suite may be able to provide full-proof solution which is much better than nothing at all. We have sorted out the best 3 antivirus software for 2016.

  1. Norton Security with Backup

norton antivirus

Norton Security comes with backup features which is an excellent security suite for any computer system. The user interface is pretty simple, with five tabs located in the bottom side of the antivirus window, and using the slide arrow icons one can move left or right to see the rest of the options. Installation doesn’t take long and it’s not complicated – people who have installed a software before will easily be able to do that. To scan around 50 GB of files, Norton Security takes around 25 minutes. The accuracy is 100 most of the time, only few times the rating went down to 98%.

  1. Bitdefender Internet Security

bitdefender total security

For the latest version, Bitdefender Internet Security has been launched with several new features and the expansion of protection arena is likely to improve in the upcoming versions. All the major modules like an antivirus, antimalware, antispyware, firewall, anti-ransomware etc. are available. For user friendliness, Bitdefender has kept using their tile based design language, thus the previous generation users of Bitdefender IS won’t ever feel lost. Fixing computer management issues like registry correction, user privacy etc. take only one click. Bitdefender Internet Security is current one of the very bests in the market.

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