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39Hello there! I am Carah from the city of Des Moines in the US state of Iowa. I am currently a college student, but I am already earning a considerable amount of money. It is simply because of my blogging jobs, which I do during my spare times. I am a person who intensely loves the idea of fashion, and this is my blogging pages all about.

My Blogging Journey

It was a fine Saturday morning and I have no classes to attend to. Since I had nothing to do, I got my laptop and surfed the net. I decided to put my great, unique fashion sense into writing. I want other people to be inspired with my own fashion statement. Hence, I decided to write a fashion blog and I submitted it to a blogging site as a guest blog post. Without expecting too much, I was very shocked with the positive response of great numbers of netizens from all over the world who are also into fashion. They were impressed on my very unique fashion statement, and they were very excited to try it on their own. Some of them persuaded me to create my own blog page, and this is where I am now. Thanks to them I have been able to express my great fashion ideas through my own blogs.

Contact Me for Blogging Lessons

For those people out there who want to have their own fashion blogs, you can contact me for blogging tutorials. I am very much willing to share my knowledge for those interested ones. I will be waiting for you!

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