Bitdefender vs. F-Secure

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Bitdefender vs. F-Secure

A computer should have a security program installed – the one that meets the exact requirements of a user. There isn’t any need for exaggeration; even though many newbie computer users end up getting a higher priced antivirus program for their computer whereas they could have just grabbed a free tool or at least a lower priced edition. Bitdefender and F-Secure both are well reputed companies for developing antivirus programs. Both these companies have security products in different ranges, but we have reviewed the Internet Security versions of both Bitdefender and F-Secure antivirus.

bitdefender vs f secure


Bitdefender Internet Security offers licensing options for 1 and more devices. The 1 PC license for a year would cost $59.95 per year, to be paid once in full during the purchase of the program. However, for 3 device usage the license cost goes as high as $79.95 per year. There are additional options for 5 and 10 device licenses as well; and even enterprise license if necessary.

On the other hand, the F-Secure Internet Security antivirus program costs $39.99 per year; the number of devices hasn’t been specifically restricted like Bitdefender antivirus. Comparing to the pricing of Bitdefender, it’s certainly much lower and reasonable.

Both the companies offer free trial so that the potential users can take a look on the next probable antivirus program they would use. However, Bitdefender Internet Security offers money refund guarantee whereas there’s no such option on F-Secure Internet Security purchase.

Basic Features

F-Secure Internet Security comes with a basic Antivirus module that looks pretty simple, but works really great. F-Secure hasn’t really cramped the interface with buttons and options and scared their users away, rather the simplicity has been introduced as the key to better and more efficient operation interface on a PC.

Apart from the antivirus, the other modules are anti-spam filter for getting rid of annoying spam emails in your inboxes. The anti-adware/spyware module would keep annoying pop up ad programs away from your system and decrease the annoyance on the user’s end. Automatic update of virus definitions keep the program free from latest threats and real time protection ensures that everything is going right.

Bitdefender Internet Security has pretty much the same range of features, with some additions to the list. Anti-phishing and remote security are two of the most useful extra features. Using remote security, an expert user in a distant place could provide support for another user.

Privacy Features

Apart from basic PC security features, both these antivirus programs come with additional tools. The number is quite high on Bitdefender Internet Security – ID theft protection, parental controls, personal data filter, Bitdefender Safepay and Wallet etc. On the other hand, F-Secure offers ID and data protection which is still fine in comparison to its price. Both anti-malware programs offer the ability to block specific websites and contents; works as a great parental lock.


For the price, F-Secure antivirus offers exactly what it is supposed to do. On the other hand, Bitdefender offers quite a lot of features useful for small businesses or even home users.

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