What is the Difference between Antivirus and Internet Security?

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What is the Difference between Antivirus and Internet Security?

Since a lot of people today are having serious problems about the security of their computer devices, and numerous software making firms worldwide are completely aware of this particular dilemma. If fact, its feel them obliged to make some solutions for this issue. This is actually the main reason why a number of antivirus programs and internet security softwares are being developed.

antivirus vs internet security

Today, there are lots of these digital security solution products can be found on the web under different brands, of course. Since they are developed by varied makers, then it is just right to say that they also differ in a lot of ways such as in efficiency, reliability, and features. One biggest misconception of many people when talking about digital security solution is that antivirus software and the internet security programs are just the same. They are not, of course. They are completely different digital security products. But before going over the differences of these two, tackling about their similarities first is great.

How and When Antivirus and Internet Security Become Similar?

When it comes to functionality, a reliable antivirus program and an internet security software developed by reputable companies are usually fast in performing their main tasks. There is no question about that since renowned companies are completely aware of the fact that computer users do not want the idea of waiting for a long period of time before they can use their PC’s, because the softwares are still scanning and cleaning the system. In selecting an antivirus or internet security however, you have to take into account the operating system (OS) used by your computer. It is because some of the excellent softwares may not be compatible to a certain OS, so be mindful. Removing as well as blocking spyware and viruses are also two of the same jobs that antivirus and the internet security softwares perform. In case you need to attach a portable storage device into your computer like USB, these softwares will never fail to check the device if it contains some threats or not. In case it has some threats that may compromise the great functionality of your computer, they will remove these threats first before allowing the devices to access into your computer system. This is how antivirus programs and internet security softwares become similar to each other.

How Exactly Antivirus Differs to Internet Security?

Now that you already know the similarities of antivirus programs and internet security softwares, it is time to get well-acquainted with their differences. One major difference of these two digital security products lies on the features they are packed with. Antivirus programs are usually contained just the basic features, while the internet security softwares come with the basic and the more advanced features. In other words, the internet security can be used in a way more complicated digital security issue. This one comes with a file shredder, a 2-way firewall, cloud anti-spam, and a parental control feature. Through the parental control feature, you can have the chance to know what your children do when they got online. In fact, you can even block the inappropriate websites that they used to visit through this feature. Most of the antivirus programs simply don’t have these amazing, advanced features.

This goes to show that antivirus and the internet security are both useful in maintaining the great condition of your computer devices as well as their systems. Hence, having them would be great.

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