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April 14, 2016

Windows Defender: Basic Antivirus Protection for Windows 10

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Microsoft has equipped a built in antivirus program with Windows 10, like Windows 8; that goes by the name Windows Defender. A lot of people is using it so far without any issues, and Windows Defender has reported to carefully replace a third party basic antivirus and be very good at it. Not that free third party antivirus programs aren’t good, but many people just don’t want to go through the hassle of an external program. Also, if you are running Windows 10 on a device which doesn’t support external antivirus programs, Windows Defender is the last resort once has to turn to.

windows defender for windows 10

Microsoft Security Essentials from Windows 7 and earlier versions has been evolved into Windows Defender from Windows 8 and onwards. They used to come as a Windows add-on in earlier days, now a built in tool which comes with every Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 installations. If you have any experience on the Microsoft Security Essentials, you probably already know how to use Windows Defender.

Windows Defender: Get to know the Basic Features

Like any other third party antivirus program, Windows Defender offers the most basic of services. Features that usually come with the free version of any antivirus company, are offered through Windows Defender.

Real Time Protection

Windows Defender provides real time protection, pretty much like any anti-malware program available in the industry. Once you install Windows OS in your computer, if you don’t disable Windows Defender or install a third party anti-malware program, Windows Defender’s real time automatic protection will take over and keep providing antivirus protection in the background.


Defender is updated through regular Windows Updates. It is mandatory that a computer user keeps the Windows Update feature on if they use Windows Defender as the main security software on their computer.

Toggling Options On & Off

To toggle real time protection, cloud based protection and sample submission on or off, user needs to toggle the switches with these titles inside Windows Defender settings in Update & Security inside Settings. Real time protection should always remain turned on, if a third party program is not being used. The other two options are more or less user dependent, turning them off might not be fatal.


If you want to add an exclusion for a program from Windows Defender, scroll down the previous window we were talking about and find Add an Exclusion. The menu inside is divided into Files, Folders and File Types, user could exclude any specific type they prefer.

Manual Scanning of Files

Inside Windows Defender interface, there are three radio button options in the top right corner – Quick, Full and Custom; with a ‘Scan Now’ button followed by. Using these options, a user can run any type of manual scan they want to inititate.


As it appears, Windows Defender offers every feature that a third party free antivirus program does. Investment on a third party antivirus might not be all necessary on Windows 10.

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